BH Customer Journey Map

Customer Experience artifact against a single persona to demonstrate mental-model, touchpoints, and thoughts/feelings along the journey. This serves as a diagnostic tools for identifying underutilized communication channels and potential points of friction.


Conceptual future-state vision for an enhanced service experience. Identifying unique touch points along the journey with mnemonic value potential through branding.

adminBH Customer Journey Map

BH Field Research

Conducting periodic, field research is key to empathizing with our customers and workforce. Shadowing moves in various markets aims to inform and align product roadmapping decisions with business objectives.


Facilitating cross-functional workshops helps design act as a conduit for gathering and sharing information and big ideas across the business.


Putting Google Venture’s Design Sprint method to the test for larger initiatives like future-state product features.

adminBH Field Research

BH Order Flow




Starting with rapid sketches for a variety of flow concepts following Greg Nudelman’s $1 Prototype method, I embrace the constraints of this way of working quickly through many ideas off-screen and mobile-first. It’s also helpful to associate each flow with our use case-based personas in order to identify exceptions, gaps or fiction points in each flow that may arise.


Usability tests were conducted with participants sourced via Craigslist and impromptu coffee-shopping incentivized with gift cards. Sessions were recorded and observed by other team members when possible.


adminBH Order Flow

BH Applicant Portal

Internal applicant tool for managing prospective workforce. Basic CRUD interface using color key to establish a status-based visual system.

adminBH Applicant Portal

BH Pricing Strategy Tool

Internal experimentation tool for manipulating. With a simple tabular layout, GMs have full control over testing levers for pricing strategies per market.

adminBH Pricing Strategy Tool